May 28, 2021 Covid-19 Update Re: Worship Services

Update from Council May 28, 2020

Update May 28 2021

Dear St. Peter Church Family,

 As you are likely aware, churches are able to open to 15% capacity after May 28. In-person services will resume on Sunday May 30 for up to 30 people. Once again, we would ask that if you have access to live-stream to please consider waiting a couple more weeks to ensure those who do not have computers have first access to in-person services.

If things progress well, we should be up to 30% capacity by mid-June, at which time we will be able to accommodate anyone who would like to attend.

We are all looking forward to getting back to Sunday services, regular communion, and all the other activities in our church that we have missed for so long. 

Yours in Christ,
Nancy Aspenes
Council President