Psalm 8 – How Majestic is Your Name

From the Psalms: How majestic is your name!

The Psalm for Trinity Sunday is Psalm 8. Familiar words of praise. Brian Doerksen has formed a band called the Shiyr Poets (pronounced ‘sheer’) with the purpose of “making the world’s most loved and ancient songbook new again”. Below is a link to their version of Psalm 8.

“Unlike anything else ever written, the ancient Psalms express the human longing for God with poetic artistry and emotional force. They release the voice of praise and resonate with the universal cry of pain.” The Shiyr Poets

O Lord our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth
O Lord our Lord You have set your glory higher than the heavens
Through your children’s purest praise You establish strength against your foes
To silence all your enemies every avenger
When I consider the heavens; when I consider the work of your hands
The moon and the stars which You have set in place
What is man that you are mindful; Humankind that you care
Who are we that you consider us
You made us a little less than the gods and clothed us with glory and grandeur

You make them rule over the work of your hands
Everything under their feet
Beasts of the field flocks of the air fish of the sea
Beasts of the field flocks of the air fish of the sea
Higher than the heavens…

And if you want to read the rest of tomorrow’s lessons in advance, here they are:

Genesis 1:1-2:4a, 2 Corinthians 13:11-13, Matthew 28:16-20