Update on Worship Services

laptop mockup online church video streaming vector illustration

As St. Peter Lutheran transitions to reopening the church for Sunday worship, the feasibility of live-streaming the services during COVID-19 restrictions is being looked into. Last week the service was live-streamed (using borrowed equipment) and the recording can still be viewed online. (Just check back in the Church News section to find the link.) Many thanks to Jake & Scott for the hours spent setting things up to make it happen.

Unfortunately, due to some technical glitches, we will not be able to provide live-streaming for this week’s worship service. We will post an audio recording of Pastor Jonny’s message as soon as it is available.

At their next meeting, St. Peter Council will give further consideration to live-streaming of worship services (i.e. equipment needs, costs, etc.). Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding as we move through these “uncharted waters”.

Please check the Church News section on the website for updates.