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From Ashes to Easter Lenten Devotional - NALC

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A time of repentance, reflection and renewal has been practiced by Christians as a 40-day season (excluding Sundays) from the fourth century to the present day. Lent had its roots in baptismal preparation, fasting before celebration of Easter, and renewed baptismal commitment for those who had fallen away from the faith.

The devotionals are based upon the daily lectionary provided in the Lutheran Book of Worship, Year I. The daily lectionary appoints three lessons for each day, although, for the purposes of this booklet, one reading has been chosen as the basis for each day’s reflection. This year, each North American Lutheran Church executive staff member has written a portion of the Lenten devotions, ending with Bishop Dan Selbo preparing the devotions for Holy Week and Easter. 

There are several options available to access the devotionals. You can download a pdf copy, sign up for a daily email, listen to a podcast, or watch a video recording of the devotional on Facebook. All these options are available on the NALC page attached to the “From Ashes to Easter” image found in this post.