Palm/Passion Sunday: Mar 24, 2024 – Live-Stream Link

Holy Week, the center of the church’s year, is one of striking contrasts: Jesus rides into Jerusalem surrounded by shouts of glory, only to be left alone to die on the cross, abandoned by even his closest friends. As we move through Holy Week, we will see Jesus in his complete human vulnerability: agitated, grieved, scared, forsaken. Though we lament Christ’s suffering and all human suffering, we also expect God’s salvation: in the wine and bread, Jesus promises that his death will mark a new covenant with all people. We enter this holy week thirsty for the completion of God’s astonishing work.

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Palm/Passion Sunday Live-Stream Worship Link

Today we see stark contrasts. With the procession into Jerusalem, there is great joy and jubilation. Yet, only a few days later, we hear the account of Jesus’ betrayal, suffering and passion. Our readings show Jesus emptying himself of divine power and protection becoming vulnerable to human suffering. Mark’s account presents Jesus as one who dies abandoned by all.

The Lessons: (Liturgy of the Palms)
Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29
     Mark 11:1-11
     John 12:12-16
The Lessons: (Liturgy of the Passion)
     Isaiah 50:4-9a

     Psalm 31:9-16
     Philippians 2:5-11
     Mark 14:1-15:47
The passion story in Mark’s gospel presents Jesus as one who dies abandoned by all. He shows himself to be the true Son of God by giving his life for those who have forsaken him.


Merciful God, as we enter Holy week, turn our hearts again to Jerusalem, and to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Stir up within us the gift of faith that we may not only praise him with our lips, but may follow him in the way of the cross. Amen